Greetings from Turkey

Well it’s my second trip to Turkey in three years. The first trip began my travels over the three years, more than I ever expected. Now back again, I’m here with a new eye, mind and heart. I am also a different photographer now, I am excited to see what this return trip reveals. New also this trip I will be doing a blog from each location with my thoughts, some images, and anything else I discover. BTW I’ll try to keep the food shots to a minimum! I wrote a lot on the first trip but mostly to family and friends, guess its not that different now probably only my family and friends read the blog anyways!

After a typically long flight, Tuesday was spent doing selfies during a walk through a familiar part of the city.



I made some of my favorite images here three years ago. It was my last day and I remember I felt a sense of urgency. I wonder if that was the catalyst that inspired those images. I wonder if that’s why the camera remained hidden away in its bag. Guess we’ll see…

The last few days were peaceful with family and friends, some much needed rest and great home cooked meals. During some down time I was introduced to a very funny YouTube channel by my friend Derin : “Epic Rap Battles of History”. Not intended for all ages but had me on the floor laughing.


We did encounter some wildlife, but thanks to the bird whisper, Naz No one or animal was injured.


On a walk to dinner last night I noticed the film industry alive and well in Istanbul, nice to see. Notice to the photo/film students, this is how you make daylight at night! Didn’t stop long enough to see if it was a commercial or a scene for a movie.



Today off to Bodrum and see what new interesting sights, sounds and smells that will bring.

Devami gelecek…



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Cali Coast Wildlife

On Friday I was invited to join the Henderson family for a trip to Elkhorn Slough. I never tier of the wildlife that is all around us, and with in a few hour drive so much can be experienced. The Elkhorn Slough is chalked full of Otters, Harbor Seals, and Birds, a photographer’s paradise. Here’s a few new additions to my Elkhorn collection.

_M0T2581 _M0T2621 _M0T2631 _M0T2660 _M0T2837

After a morning on the Slough we decided to do a spontaneous whale watching trip out of Monterey Bay. I’ve never been whale watching so I was all in! I only had the 600mm with me since I thought the slough was the only location for the day, But what the heck “You can never have a lens too long” was going through my mind.

I couldn’t have been more wrong… As we left the Harbor and started our journey there were some breech’s far away and the 600 wasn’t long enough, but the captain soon maneuvered us in a position where we were surrounded by a feeding frenzy of Sea Lions and Humpbacks. This went on for the entire two and a half hour tour. They were so close we could smell their breath, and hear the sound of their mouth closing full of Anchovies.   At some point I moved my eye from the viewfinder to the nature’s symphony that was in from of us and just took it in. Below are some misses, near misses and some great memories.

_M0T3228 _M0T3237 _M0T3185 _M0T3133 _M0T2927 _M0T3252 _M0T3315 _M0T3388

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As some of you know I have been doing a bit of traveling lately. In the beginning of June I was in Colombia with a non-profit client. It was supposed to be an observational trip but of course I had to bring “a” camera and was able to do quite a bit of shooting both in Bogota and Cartagena. “A” camera pretty much means an arsenal, including a new purchase, the Leica M with a 50mm f1.4. I won’t be reviewing the camera in this post, that will come after a bit more time in my hands. Safe to say the Fuji might be taking a rest!

In class I show movies about journalists like Nachtwey and National Geo men and woman like Jodi Cobb, photographers that make images that change the world. I now have a glimpse into what it takes to make those kinds of images. I’ll have another opportunity later this month in Uganda and Rwanda to follow their footsteps and see how I fair.

My plan… go with an open heart, mind and lens.

The images below are some street images and a few friends I made along the way. There are many more images of the courageous Men and Women that are lifting themselves out of poverty to create a better life for themselves, their families and communities, but you’ll have to way to see those…

Thank you so much Adele Nandan and Brian Olarte Cashin.

20140608-L1000095 20140608-L1000101 20140608-L1000108 20140609-L1000276 20140609-L1000278 20140609-L1000615 20140609-L1000645 20140609-L1000688 20140609-L1000689 20140609-L1000696 20140609-L1000761 20140610-IMG_3526 20140610-IMG_3625 20140610-IMG_3677 20140610-IMG_3755 20140610-L1000888 20140610-L1000889 20140610-L1001147 20140610-L1001172 20140612-_M0T5376 20140612-_M0T5729-2 20140612-_M0T5731-2 20140612-_M0T6101 20140612-_M0T6104 20140612-_M0T6292 20140612-_M0T6576 20140612-_M0T6621 20140613-_M0T6902


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SF Drag Queens at their best and….. “Its for the children”……

I had the pleasure of shooting for my sister’s non-profit, Friends of Harvey Milk ( at the Swig Bar, Union Square (  One of their fundraisers is a drag show, ya I know only in San Francisco!  Great event and all the money collected goes to the help San Francisco schools.  Highlight was a SF Police Sergeant in full uniform got on stage for a lap dance and proceeded to pull out her hand cuffs to play along with the show, as I said only in San Francisco!

Great talent, generous audience and a wonderful venue.

_M0T3953 _M0T3900 _M0T3681 _M0T3362 _M0T3337 _M0T3301 _M0T3175

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Music Music Music

I would have never guessed that Music would be the theme for my spring break trip.  I guess other then drinks to go, it is what New Orleans is known for after all.  Of the several thousand images, these are the ones that have risen to the surface for one reason or another.  Still can’t seem to see in color, no matter how hard I try.

p.s. also rekindled my love affair with the Fuji x100

_DSF4622 _DSF4640 _DSF4683 _DSF4694 _DSF4485 _DSF4397 _DSF3643 _DSF3637 _DSF3594 _DSF3568 _DSF3271 _DSF3176 _DSF3065 _DSF3036 _DSF2970

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