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When to text your instructor

Sometimes there’s a moment that just makes you smile, an event, chance meeting, a whisper of light dancing in front of you, a scent in the air, or a text!  Yes, even an old guy like me can have my face lit up by a text.

Don’t get me wrong I get texts all day long from students, “Mr T this”, “Prof B that”, This is XXXX and I’m going to be late because …you fill in the blank ….. I’ve heard it all…. Planes, Trains and Automobiles (that was a good movie with one of my favorite comedian/actors) as I’m sure you can imagine.

Wednesday, 20 minutes before class I received a text, I expected the usual, but to my surprise I received the text below. After reading it I laughed out loud, smiled and remembered why I do what I do and how truly lucky I am.

Thank you CG, pretty sure you’ll be getting an A in the class .


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What, Jobs in Photography!

I spent 19 years as a staff photographer for Xerox  PARC in Palo Alto. I know there’s a glam factor to having your own business, but a consistent paycheck, benefits, and a budget that freelancer’s only dream about has been under rated.  For the last 5-10 years the corporate and staff positions have almost completely dried up, leaving a stadium of freelance photographers competing for fewer jobs and at only a percentage of the rates we were use to.

I had this link forward to me yesterday and I took a look.  I was surprised to see the amount of jobs being advertised for Photographers.  Yes some are the mall photo studios but some sound like great opportunities.

With the economy coming back maybe Photography is following on its heels, and just maybe we can begin to make a legitimate living again doing what we truly love.


If you are studying photography, or considering it, take a look:

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Campus walk

I decided that since I have a few hours each afternoon before my night classes start I’ll take a walk around campus with my camera and see what I can find.  Right now the timing is perfect, that light between 4 and 6pm is just beautiful.  The campus is quite awaiting the flood cars for the 6:30pm start.  In the image below it was the light that caught my eye.  It was Black and White all the way!  I love the blooming highlights beyond the bike.



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