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Job Opportunities in Photography: Get your degree and get a job!

I talked about this in an earlier blog post because the link just happened to come across my desk.  In the last month I have been asked to again  justify the Photography Program at West Valley College (I’ll save the my comments about that until later post) and in doing so I keep uncovering an amazing amount of job opportunities for qualified individuals.  Below are some listing from a couple of online job services.  I can’t confirm the credibility of the sites but after clicking through a few links the jobs seem credible.
Searched: Photographer in California  771 jobs found

Photographer in San Jose  180 jobs found
Photographer in San Francisco 178 jobs found
Photographer in Los Angels  207 jobs found

Searched: Photographer  with in 100 miles of San Jose 130 jobs found

$30K+ 123

$50K+ 82

$70K+ 43

$90K+ 22

$110K+ 10

(Put a “Y” on the end instead of the “er” and you get 450)

Yes I did click through the Creative Producer for Facebook , miss out, it was posted 20 days ago!

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Pictures Don’t Have A Narrative

I spent Thursday at the Winogrand show at SFMOMA with a fellow photographer Bill Henderson from Hold The Eye Images.  Besides seeing his iconic images, about 1/3 of the images on display had never been printed before.  These images came from his 2,500 exposed but undeveloped rolls of film and over 4,000 negatives that had never been contact printed.  Last Month I heard Cass Fey and Leslie Squyers from the Center for Creative Photography talk about the process of printing these new images, and dating and cataloging the old and the new.  Years of work, and from what I saw Thursday worth every grant dollar spent to bring these images to public view.

There are plenty of video clips out there with interviews that show his in your face style.  I am amazed at the speed in which he sees an image and captures it.  He refuses the category of street photography, too simple or limiting I suppose, but claims to be most inspired by Walker Evans and Robert Frank.

There was an old PBS documentary playing at the show and in it he says that pictures don’t have a narrative.  The viewer has no idea what happened before or after and any attempt to describe the event or the “happening” it simply your lie.

The images below were all shot at the Grand Dell Saloon Thursday evening follow the visit to the gallery.  I would say inspired by the non narrative narrative.

Avedon described his portraits as their truths and Winogrand describes his street images as your lie.  Going to have the chew on this one for while.

Here’s a link to today’s podcast with Bill and I discussing our thoughts of the show:

Photography, The Art of Technique
with Bill Henderson from Hold The Eye Images Studios

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