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WVC Summer Field Studies was a huge success, at least I thought so!

The weekend started in Moss Landing.  I have driven by so many times but never stopped.  Please do your self a favor and treat your self to this Photographic Mecca.  There is everything from a commercial fishing harbor, small town architecture and an abundance of wild life.

Our destination was a boat trip with Elkhorn Slough Safari.  We took over all 22 seats on the boat, lens, monopods and camera bags everywhere.  Our captain, Yohn Gideon got us up close and personal with the natural inhabitants of the Elkhorn Slough Preserve.  One of the assignments was to have smell inspire a series of photographs, I had no idea we would be so close to the pelicans that we could smell them and let me tell you it was not what I was expecting.

Next stop was the Carmel Mission, clear sunny day created bold beautiful colors.  The direct stark light played with the texture and contrast of the adobe architecture.

The day conclude at McWay Falls, I thought we might get that last minute flash of light right before the sun went down, but the photo gods took one away that evening.  Still always worth the trip, great conversations and some teachable moments.

Our final destination was Point Lobos,  she always delivers and Sunday was no exception.  We hit low tide perfectly at Weston Beach.  When we arrive we shared the beach with doe and her two fauns, just added to the peacefulness of a quite sea at low tide.

As most of you know I’m less interested in equipment then the images, but the images below are form three different cameras, My Canon with the bazooka, Fuji x100, and a GoPro.

Here are some of my results from the trip……

Moss Landing, The show off


The Boat trip up Elkhorn Slough

_M0T1454 _M0T1459 _M0T1470_M0T1415 _M0T1351 _M0T1339 _M0T1199 _M0T1141

Mission San Carlos Borromeo del rio Carmelo

_M0T1507 _M0T1495

McWay Falls



Point Lobos Weston Beach


Here’s a couple links to some video clips:


Point Lobos, the trees from Cypress Grove

_DSF9139 _DSF9116 _DSF9090 _DSF9073

Few more with a bit different inspiration

_DSF9051 _DSF9123

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A bit harder then it looks!

So after doing the pod cast with Rick Whitacre a few weeks ago, Blaze and I were inspired when we set out for our annual road trip.  On the list was Star Trails and Milky Way Astro Landscapes.  Since we were making our way down 395, where else the Alabama Hills in Lone Pine for the prefect location.   According to all the apps, maps and gut feelings Wednesday was the night for clear sky’s and a good 2 hours of dark sky.

Our day started at 4:30am shooting sunrise at Mono and concluded at 2 am back at the hotel in Lone Pine.  Still more post production to do for sure,  but  here’s some preliminary results…

_M0T0212-2 _M0T0225-2 _14E9936 compositS

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Pride 2013

Yesterday concluded a few weeks of rather intense photography for me.  A Commercial Video shoot with Bill from Hold the Eye Images Studios, and week of shooting with my nephew Blaze along the Eastern Sierra’s.


I must admit I wasn’t prepared for the shoot yesterday I just knew I have to go, mostly because of the Supreme Court ruling, and what that meant to the LGBT communities.  What I mean by not being prepared was I didn’t have a plan or something I wanted to say, I hoped that something would hit me when I showed up.  A thread would reveal its self and I would follow.  The only plan was to show up early and explore the pre parade setup and performances.


As always on pride weekend the weather gods give SF a treat and a warm sunny day was in store.  The mid morning light on Market St was kind and gentle to the bold colors that of the day.  Everything was there in front of me but I felt lost amongst the celebration.  Maybe I was the celebration, not meant to be just an observer but to participate, not to look for contradictions, or juxtapositions, to be apart of the moment completely.


The camera can be your calling card or it can be your shield,  here’s a few as a result of letting down my guard…

_DSF8756 _DSF8754 _DSF8752 _DSF8750 _DSF8748 _DSF8742 _DSF8741 _DSF8734 _DSF8728 _DSF8718 _DSF8710 _DSF8706

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