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Classic Cars, Flowers and Nudes

Found this weekly car show in my neighborhood, a small ad-hock group that gets to together to socialize and show their hard work and attention to detail to anyone that’s interested.  After an hour or so of shooting a man walked up and ask “what the heck are you taking a pictures of………  “

I could have said “your beautiful car” and he would have happily walked away but instead I go into.. “the lines of a classic car is like the lines of a beautiful woman’s body”, showing him the image on the LCD. I said, “can you see the light dancing off the curve of the fender, and how that whisper of light defines the curve of the truck line”…..  he looks at me and says “ All I see is a car”.

When does school start?

_M0T2556 _M0T2515 _M0T2500 _M0T2496 _M0T2480 _M0T2467 _M0T2450 _M0T2416

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Final Days Of The Grand Dell Saloon

Last night was the final Blues Jam @ the Grand Dell Saloon.  For the last year it has been a place to test new theory’s, shooting styles and push myself a bit.  Meeting some interesting people along the way, and spending time with other photographers.  I do think Blues musicians and photographers have a lot in common.  That passion for what we do and at times nothing else matters.

In the past I was there to take pictures, last night I was there to give pictures.  Sunday afternoon with be the Final Final, more to come I’m sure…..

_M0T2023 _M0T2277 _M0T2242 _M0T2220 _M0T2201 _M0T2180 _M0T2104 _M0T2053 _M0T2047

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