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A New Year

With the new day also came the rain, sleet and snow. It just didn’t want to stop. It was a good excess to sleep in and enjoy warm bed and the weight of the comforter.   Another late breakfast followed by a walk completed the activities for the day. The 6+ was the camera of the day once again not only capturing the breakfast feast, but portraits and the Faytons.


The day provided time to reflect and decide once again that no new years resolutions were necessary, just follow my hearts and let the cards fall. I have been reading a lot about and from Photographers during the down time and I have a feeling our profession is on a rebound. No facts just a feeling….. More on this later


We did venture out at midnight to see the fireworks on the mainland, far away but fireworks are fireworks and always put a smile on my face!


We headed back to base camp new years day, and spent it with the family enjoying the holiday.

Friday was the local outside market where they sell just about everything. It was time to stock up on supplies for the weekend, and take advantage of the only day that 0% rain was predicted for the rest of our stay. The Leica took the place of the 6+ as expected, and I assume it will for the rest of the trip weather permitting.


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