A few less footsteps the last few days…


Day three started with a tour of two small wineries, the first very close to Bodrum, Vinbodrum. Erhan and Fusun’s production facility was in their basement producing about 12 thousand bottles a year. We sat down with them and learned about their production techniques and tasted three different wines. From a rose with a snap, a blend that was soft and gentle, and the strong wild berry taste of the Syrah. The tasting was accompanied by home made borek made with wild greens from the local market. We were able to sneak a taste of the Chardonnay even though it wasn’t quite ready but tasted good!

L1003834  L1003844

Our second visit was to Mehmet Vuran and his family’s small vineyard that grew table grapes. Mehmet keeps some grapes aside to make a very limited run of what I think were Zinfandels. We tasted a 2008 and a 2013. What a difference a few years can make. He doesn’t sell his wine, just makes it for himself and friends. We did ask if we could “buy” a bottle but he said he had only a small amount left. Our tasting was just about sharing some good wine and making new friends. Our visit ended with his brother leading us on a walking tour through the vineyards and telling us how he and his father had to be on guard at night during the crop peek to keep the wild boar from eating the grapes.

L1003857 L1003887 IMG_3650 L1003866 L1003873

I am by no means a wine guy, I know nothing about what make a $$$ bottle of wine vs a $ bottle. What I do know is when I’m in an amazing place with warm beautiful people making new friends, the wine always tastes better.

Winobrian meter 100/100 for all 6

Our day concluded with a visit to two small villages, Camarasi and Kurudere. In both cases we stopped the car and went for a walk. The villagers came out to ask if we were lost or needed help finding our way. Our first answer was “no” but the real answer was “yes”, but that would have taken to much time to explain. And it was better to be in the moment.

L1003925 L1003920 L1003892 L1003897 L1003904 L1003913 L1003921 L1003915 L1003891

Day four was a rest day. After a late breakfast we made every attempt to get lost in the maze of streets, alleys and passageways linking the residential area neighborhoods of the city. Hard to get lost with the pull of the Mediterranean Sea to the west.

L1003968 L1004003 L1003982 L1003960 L1003937 L1003961 L1003950

Our ambling lead us to the Zeki Muren Museum, he was a singer, composer, actor and painter. Loved by the Turkish people much like Elvis Presley was in the US. http://www.bodrumfun.com/zeki-muren-museum/

A very big voice for both traditional and contemporary music.

L1004013 L1004017I spotted this location on the way home this afternoon then went back out when the lights of the castle were on, might give it another try at sunrise, but then again its getting late tonight, we’ll see.



Tomorrow to Greece, stay tuned…

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