Brian Tramontana is a social documentary photographer always looking for stories, ironies and juxtapositions, either on the streets, in nature, or in landscapes of the face.  Brian’s formal training was at Brooks Institute of Photography, after completing his degree he began his career as a freelance commercial photographer in San Francisco, Bay Area.

In 1995, Brian accepted a full time position as a Senior Producer at Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). He was responsible for all media produced in support of research and the integration of these elements in the overall information design and targeted communication strategies.  This is also where he discovered the importance of the story, the message, the responsibility, and power of the photographer and his images.

In 2004, Brian accepted a faculty position at West Valley College.  Ironically, he attended West Valley College in the early 80’s and also where he discovered his love for photography.  Brian is now the Department Chair of Photography at West Valley College teaching beginning, intermediate, and advanced digital color and black and white photography.


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