Best laid plans, Kos wasn’t in the cards


We got up early to catch the ferry to Kos, but discovered there would be room to go over but not to return…. It did cross our minds to stay, but we didn’t come prepared. On a recommendation from a local restaurateur we jumped a bus and headed to Yalikavak. A 45-minute bus ride and we were there.


I was expecting a smaller Bodrum and I was right as we walk to the NE. When we turned and walked the other direction we found not the million $ mile but the Billion $ 2 miles, the Pal Marina,

L1004098L1004092L1004066L1004083L1004085L1004096Even the ducks were exotic!

I have never seen boats like that before and rows of them. Most bigger then my house! Not only were the boats to the left a sight but the shops to the right. I’m not a fashionista but I did recognize Versace and Armani, I’m sure the rest were equality as exclusive. At this time of the year the place was abandon, but I bet any given summer day would have been a feast for the eye and camera! Maybe my cousin Diana and Marcus will be here for a short stay on their adventure and I can come join them for a few days.

My days here at Bodrum have brought to mind JB’s Beaches Boats Ballads and Bars epic collection of greatest hits. Sevtap said on our arrival “What is it about guys and boats?” at the time I said I don’t know, guessin’ that’s was a fib…….

L1004050 L1004057 L1003635 L1003619 L1003624 L1003767 L1003769 L1003785 IMG_3588Every night in Bodrum had an excellent finish!

L1004118 L1004121 L1004129

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