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Time to wrap up the 26 day trip to Turkey. I had decided that this trip would be about rest, family and taking photographs. I also said that I arrived here with a new mind, eye and heart. That was true, but I also leaving anew. I think for the last 26 days I was a photographer, not a son, brother, teacher, department chair or administrator. A photographer. When I’m on assignment I’m a photographer of course but when I finish and complete the assignment, I’m a lot of other things. During the first week of school if asked “What do you do?” I would say “I’m a teacher”. As a matter of fact on every form I have filled out over the last 10 years that asks occupation, I responded a teacher.

Being a Photographer: For 26 days I carried my camera over my shoulder, no case, no lens cap, at the ready ( a few weather days caused the camera of the day to be a bit protected, but it was a very conscience choice to Have A Camera At The Ready).

We were leaving the other day and the young man of the house said to me “you don’t need that” referring to my camera. And I said a photographer that I admire told me a few months ago “ expect something amazing to happen every time you leave the house”, Peter Turnley.

I get it. I’m on vacation in an amazing place, how could you not bring your camera everywhere you go. Maybe that’s the point I didn’t feel compelled to photograph things that I never seem before or that were foreign but in fact things that were familiar. Compositions that revealed themselves to me and screamed “Brian take my picture now!!!!” Kinda like this Fungus shot!


Being A Photographer: I also followed the advice of many and photographed things I care about,


Being A Photographer: I even wanted to be photographed to remind me of this place I am at.


Being A Photographer: I did shoot far less that I expected, but I am extremely happy with a few and I imagine they will stay part of my working portfolio for some time to come. A few from the Old City Monday.

L1004569 L1004613 L1004617 L1004622 L1004638 L1004662 L1004685 L1004780

Being A Photographer: I didn’t make any new years resolutions at the time, and I still don’t want to. I will take away a few things that I will do different once I get home. I will carry my camera with me every day at the ready and expect something amazing to happen at any time and when asked who I am or what do I do I will answer: “I’m a Photographer “.

I know what you’re thinking… I’m thinking to much, shut up and go take pictures! Here’s a few of my fav’s from the trip. Thanks for reading B

L1004202 L1003761 L1004219 L1004281 L1004389 L1004622 L1004638 L1004662 L1004780

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