Island hopping


We arrived at Büyükada after a quick 45-minute ferry ride from Bostancı, a small suberb of Istanbul. The images below from the ferry ride were shot with the 90mm on the Leica M. Feel like I was cheating a bit, but boy I like the focal length.

L1004202 L1004213 L1004176 L1004167 L1004169 L1004184 L1004199 L1004207 L1004219

Büyükada and the neighboring islands are known as the Prince Islands. Only a few of these islands are public. Büyükada doesn’t allow any gasoline-powered vehicles. There is plenty of transportation; electric scooters of all sorts, bicycles and horse drawn carriages replace the conventional taxis. The carriage operators drive about the same as their city counterparts, I prefer motorized taxi’s, they have breaks!

After a quick down load of our luggage we were off for a scout of the town. The sun was out, and the beautiful afternoon light added to the small street’s interesting and diverse architecture. The clatter of a gallop and smell of fresh fish only added to the experience.

L1004253 L1004250 L1004270 L1004258 L1004281 L1004267

Monday arrived with the rain that had been forecasted all week. After a late sleep we decided to challenge the weather and take on the day. Armed with slickers and high tech outerwear our adventure began. Even though I was wearing Pantgonia’s best Gortex, I decided the Leica should take the day off given the weather and let the iphone 6+ be the camera of the day. That camera always delivers! It turns out to be extremely water resistant. The rain poured at times and kept out walk short, we did take a carriage ride to the other side of the island, but that was cut short as well. The rest of the day was spent telling stories and enjoying family time.

IMG_3798 IMG_3878 IMG_3899 IMG_3895 IMG_3880 IMG_3892 IMG_3901 IMG_3845


The forecast is that same for the rest of the week but that’s not going to scare us away, we will bring in the New Years in Büyükada Turkey! That means many more images to come!

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