Moon Rise


The last few weeks brought some pretty amazing photographic opportunities for me, from the America’s Cup to another full moon rise at sunset.  I’ll save the cup for another post in case I cancel classes again to go up to the city to make some more images.

To the moon rise last week,  I had the pleasure of joining Rick Whitacre on two shoots down town SJ.  One, the moonrise over City Hall, and the other the long awaited moonrise over the Lick Observatory.  From what I heard from Rick both were over 6 months in the planning.  Rick is a mathematician, and meteorologist, figuring out the angles, times and projecting weather conditions.  I just showed up with a few camera bodies, a few lens and a quest for the capture. Below are the results…..  Thank you Rick!

_M0T4266 _M0T4482 _M0T4759

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  1. Andrew says:

    Very cool! you should sell those to the city of san jose

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