Vegas and Jimmy Buffett what can I say!!!!!


It was my sister’s Birthday and I figured why not do a little brother sister bonding trip….. And Las Vegas, what a great backdrop for the show.

There were pool parties everywhere, middle aged parrot heads smoking cigars, just what you would expect.  Jimmy didn’t fail to deliver and sang all the classics.  A little older, one or two less encores, but nonetheless we got what we paid for.

After the show I could resist taking the X100 out on the strip for some street work.

_DSF0609 _DSF0615 _DSF0695 _DSF0804 _DSF0828 _DSF0892 _DSF0943 _DSF0975 _DSF1005After bringing me the change she said with my receipt I could ride the mechanical bull for free.  My old bones advised the liquid courage to spectate.

_DSF1021 _DSF1055 _DSF1062 _DSF1112

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  1. Great stuff! You really nailed the street photography. Compelling images that make me want to know more. Every image has a story.

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